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Latest work

We deal with visual identification systems, design, implementation of landing pages for companies or social campaigns, we create online stores as well as systems for managing human, material and information resources. We can make anything.

Check out our latest works below.


Recome (MVP*)

PHP7 / Yii / HTML / SCSS / JavaScript / Figma

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product at an early stage of development, with a minimum set of features, which, however, is sufficient to introduce it to the market in order to attract the interest of the first customers and preliminary evaluation of functionality.

Recome has similar purpose to Facebook Marketplace. The main factor that distinguishes Recome from other websites with sale announcments is the recommendation system - the name of the company was created from the word "recommend".

We are currently developing new website, visual identification, strategy and system after achieving the expected success of the MVP.



We are currently working on visual identification and IT solutions for independent workers' union.


Just Check Eat

As the first stage of creating a project for the dietary industry, we created a huge, comprehensive analysis, which included the creation of basic mockups, diagrams, lists of functionalities and dependencies, and a database design



PHP7 / Yii / HTML / SCSS / JavaScript / Figma

We have designed and developed landing page for cleaning company. As part of the project, we also created a small CMS system, and we were also responsible for creating the content. As part of our work for ProEcoClean, we also designed social media graphic materials and took care of SEO and statistics.

strefa Mentzena

Mentzen's Zone

PHP7 / Yii / HTML / SCSS / JavaScript / Figma

For the strefamentzena project we created several dozen versions of the logo, the design of the store and a website with a dedicated management system. During creating of the project, we added new functions, for example various types of payment or transport. We implemented dedicated system that allows you to add product variants.

kampania grzegorza brauna

Presidential campaign

PHP7 / Yii / HTML / SCSS / JavaScript / Figma

ARKNE GROUP handled the situationally extended, almost six-month long campaign for the president of the voivodeship city from the IT perspective. We have created visual identification for the entire campaign, promotional materials (over a THOUSAND exported files), of which we can distinguish physical materials (banners, billboards, leaflets, program booklet, posters, printed sides for tents, tarpaulins, prints on umbrellas, balloons, display on bus shelters, bags, volunteer cards, diplomas, postcards and much more) and digital - incl. graphics for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, dynamic displays at bus stops or program presentation. In addition, we ran the candidate's profile on Facebook, created a website design and made it, implemented a dedicated management system (the moderator can edit any content on the site, a news system with categories, forms, calendar, file downloads), and moreover, we created a PWA application for smartphones, we ran a website by adding new entries and editing, adding or deleting various sections depending on the stage of the campaign, we conducted training and organized the work of the staff in communication and work optimization tools.

We ensured the availability of our services almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all the time offering technical support at the highest level.


Wapienica Bookstore

PHP7 / Yii / HTML / SCSS / JavaScript / Figma

We have redesigned the entire visual identification system, starting with the logo. We have also designed and made a completely new website of the bookstore, thanks to which the website arouses an excellent aesthetic impression, and customers can easily find their way in its resources.

The products in the store are available thanks to the continuous import of data from the partner's warehouse, which ultimately created a pool of over 200,000 items.

zapytaj sanepid

"Ask the health department" campaign

PHP7 / Yii / HTML / SCSS / JavaScript / Figma

We created the logo, website design and created a website with a content management system for the social campaign "Ask State Sanitary Inspection". As part of the project, we have created a rich module for generating files, managing tables with data, as well as a form which, after being filled in, generated a ready message to the state sanitary inspection with questions borrowed from the created database. We have also prepared the content for the website.


Congress of Polish Business

PHP7 / Yii / HTML / SCSS / JavaScript / Figma

The fruit of many months of consultations and work was the design and implementation of a website which includes, among others blog with a content system and ERP software for organization management, which includes support for members, supporters, leaders - from submission to action. We have implemented extensive payment and subscription modules, as well as a dedicated Newsletter system specifically tailored to the client's needs. We have also prepared mass sms and mass email services to remind about payment deadlines, as well as a bill generation module.

As part of cooperation with the Congress of Polish Business, we also handled the IT preparation for the event and the "Beer with Mentzen" event - including a website with a content management system, a news module and a voting module with security, as well as a timeline module for presentation.

During the implementation of the entire project, we also provided assistance in the preparation of content and IT consultancy.


Polish Truth

PHP7 / Yii / HTML / SCSS / JavaScript / Figma / Inkscape / Photoshop

We designed a new logo, a visual identification system, we created a new blog design, and based on it, we created a website with a content management system, on which the American historian Edward Reid can quickly and conveniently create new content.

Thanks to ARKNE's efforts, the client was able to resign from the IT staff serving the old website, because adding content became easier and the website management system was dedicated to specific needs. The client also gained new sponsors who were attracted by a professional website and new visual identification, while Edward Reid's followers on social media gained a website thanks to which they have access to all his articles, which load several dozen times faster and are now correctly displayed on any device.


We have prepared a bunch of files for you, to simplify the process of consultations before starting the cooperation.